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2007 in the city of London: Ian Whiting loves Pizza and the buzz of hacking into global clients. A CHECK accredited (GCHQ ninja “team leader” skills) penetration tester, Ian is in high demand, it’s a great life!

The Bank Job: They were worried about hackers exploiting routes through their network to get to valuable data. (Ian had previously hacked a client wage system, via Wi-Fi in their parking lot, so it wasn’t unreasonable).

Checking over thirty firewall and switch configurations, involved thousands of lines of data – days of analysis and report writing…

Ian decided that there must be a way to automate these processes to enable him to focus his skills on the more interesting stuff (like Pizza).

Nipper:  The idea for the first detailed configuration vulnerability auditing tool was born.
A tool that would find weaknesses that hackers could exploit and show you how to close them.

2009 in the city of Worcester:  Titania was founded with the ethos of making security simple, something we still believe.