Leadership Team | Titania

Ian Whiting - Chief Executive Officer and Founder

A former accredited penetration tester and an innovator in his field, Founder and CEO Ian Whiting has designed and brought to market the world’s first automated Configuration Analysis tools. Independently verified as 100% accurate, these trusted Titania products help enterprise security professionals in more than 95 countries maintain the most secure networks around the world. 

His work is not complete until all hackers’ easy options have been mitigated, Ian’s current focus is on the future of autonomous mitigation and working in technology partnership with other visionaries to solve the challenges of self-healing networks. 

Nicola Whiting - Chief Strategy Officer

An experienced Chief Operations & Strategy Officer with a strong history of working in Cyber Security / Information Security, Nicola Whiting has led Titania from ambitious start-up to the multi-million pound, award-winning company it is today – in less than a decade.

An advocate for Autism and Women in Cyber, she provides government level advice on Diversity and is Worcestershire’s Commissioner for the UK Cyber Science & Innovation Audit. She is an engaging public speaker and writes for publications such as The Huffington Post, Defence Contracts Bulletin, Defence News Online and Signal.  Keynote topics include “The Rise of Automated Attacks”, “The Future of Automated Cyber Defences” and “Hacking the Human Brain”. Her recent whitepaper “The Future of Autonomous Mitigation” is the latest example of Nicola’s contribution to the specialist field of self-healing systems.

In 2017 Nicola was named by SC Magazine as one of the Top 20 most influential women working in cyber security.


Phil Lewis - Chief Operating Officer

With a strong track record of profit improvement and value creation in Cyber Security technology companies, Phil Lewis joined Titania as Chief Operations Officer in 2017.  A results and risk-focussed leader, his drive and board-level experience of people and process development is enabling the business to fully connect with customers and deliver value beyond it’s award-winning products.

Having worked in Information Security (Enterprise and Government), National Security, Law Enforcement, and Communication (Mobile and Internet) Service Providers, his deep market knowledge is helping to ensure Titania products are closely aligned to solving market challenges both now and in the future.

Vaughan Esprey - Chief Technical Officer

Heading up development, testing and technical support, Vaughan Esprey is Chief Technical Officer for Titania Group. A highly experienced software developer with more than 40 years in the industry, he is responsible for channelling the Titania team’s creativity to ensure Titania’s products remain at the forefront of enterprise security innovation.  A valued member of the Leadership Team, Vaughan’s enthusiasm and drive to deliver high-quality, customer-focused solutions means Titania continues to lead the way in Configuration Analysis.

Shelley Gunnell - Chief Human Resources Officer

Shelley Gunnell is Chief HR Officer for Titania Group and responsible for the positive culture that attracts some of the brightest minds in the industry to join the company. A CIPD qualified HR Practitioner with prior experience in both the public and private sectors - Shelley oversees recruitment, training and talent development for the company. In recent years her team has built one of the most comprehensive benefit packages in the industry, with special focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of the rapidly growing team. An integral part of the leadership team, Shelley is at the forefront of change in the business, ensuring that people and processes help to facilitate the future growth of the company. An advocate for self-learning and continuous improvement, Shelley truly lives the values of the company and is an exemplary ‘Titan’. 

Ruth Allsopp - Strategic Project Delivery Manager

Highly experienced in all operational areas of the business – Ruth Allsopp is ideally suited to support the Leadership Team as Strategic Project Delivery Manager. From primary market research to requirements scoping, process and systems implementation and training, Ruth works closely with cross-functional teams across the business to implement strategic projects.  With a focus on continuous improvement, these projects are designed to improve process efficiency and support individuals to be productive and effective so that the whole team can deliver consistently excellent products and service that delights our customers.