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When it comes to information security, Financial Institutions harbour possibly the greatest responsibility of any commercial industry because of the highly sensitive data that they process, transfer and store. For this reason the industry is a key target for attack and is therefore heavily regulated, with a wealth of compliance and security standards to adhere to.

Our tools help financial organisations all over the world find and manage vulnerabilities and avoid the costs associated with breaches.  


Speed up the configuration analysis and report writing, so you achieve more


Use flexible, scalable tools that can be integrated with other solutions to suit any network


Get a 360° view of your networks with overviews for board level meetings and detailed reports for fixing issues


Avoid reputational damage and fines by finding vulnerabilities that would otherwise be missed




We have customers operating in the Financial Sector all over the world, ranging from multi-national banks to smaller credit unions.

We have received many anecdotes over the years regarding the difference that using our tools have made to their security. Below are some quotes and anecdotes from our customers, anonymity has been maintained for the benefit of those involved. 

A Bank’s Brush with a Breach!

A large bank had been using a well know vulnerability management system and was very pleased with the coverage it gives through vulnerability scanning, however they were looking for that extra level of detail to compliment this.

After using Nipper Studio they found that around 10% of their network security devices had critical issues that had not been uncovered by scanning based solutions. This is because Nipper Studio analyzes the actual configuration rather than scanning the network. By finding these vulnerabilities, they were able to secure their critical devices before a breach occurred.


 “OUTSTANDING product! Quick, easy, accurate and it gives me a security profile of my firewalls in less than 10 minutes. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who needs to make sure their firewalls are locked down and what vulnerabilities exists in their current configs.”

Gary Benjamin, IT Manager for Financial Sector

“Nipper found vulnerabilities in our manual testing that had not been picked up and as such we were able to put them right quickly and easily.”

Financial Institution

"Nipper Studio allowed us to perform high level audits on their network devices, not only by flagging the security problems but by recommending solutions and a mitigation plan. Furthermore Nipper Studio generates an advanced and detailed report on hundreds of devices in seconds and these reports are not only thorough but easy to action. Therefore the bank could make sure that their networks stayed secure in the intervals between manual testing at a fraction of the time and cost."

AAA Technologies regarding work carried out at a leading public sector bank


We know that you need to work with secure suppliers that you can trust and we are committed to delivering a high value service to you. To achieve this we constantly monitor our customer service through our ISO 9001 and ANAB accreditation.

We have also gained the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Accreditation on top of our own advanced cyber defenses. For more information about any of these standards, please get in touch. 

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