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Having worked with Military and Government Agencies across the world for over 5 years, we understand the huge responsibility and growing challenges that Public Sector organisations are facing in order to keep critical infrastructure operating and public data safe.

With internal and external threats a growing issue, we have tailored our tools to be as useful as possible to our Government and Military customers. All of our advanced products have an integrated pre-fined policy for DISA STIG and our Paws Studio tool can help with compliance with the NERC standard. 



Speed up the configuration analysis and report writing, so you can achieve more


Use flexible, scalable tools that can be integrated with other tools to suit any network


Reduce risk and use our secure offline mode in locked down Government and Military Networks


Produce detailed audit reports and find vulnerabilities that would otherwise be missed




We have Military and Government clients across the world including the UK Government, French and German Military. The U.S. DoD, Navy and Airforce plus the Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury, Energy and FBI. Below is a testimonial regarding the use of one of our tools on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's systems. 


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“With the use of Nipper, the team has been able to reduce the time required to complete some of the assessment activities that were previously performed manually. In addition to reducing the time to perform, the team members have been able to improve the overall assessment quality while providing the desired operational efficiencies.”

“Nipper has been able to accurately and automatically review about 90% of the USDA operational security assessment sections for the reviewed network devices.”


We are ISO: 9001 and ANAB accredited and also hold the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme accreditation. We were the first company to appear on the UK Government Official Cyber Security Suppliers list and hold a Certificate of Net Worthiness from the United States Military. 

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