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Titania’s products were conceived and developed by penetration testers and that’s why we understand that endlessly checking device rule sets is not the best use of an experienced auditor’s time. You need and want to be doing the investigative and interesting stuff, uncovering holes in the system, not trawling through configuration files. With Titania software you can: 



Speed up the configuration analysis and report writing process


Analyze over 100 different types of device for use across different networks


Use secure offline mode for use in secure locked down networks


Benefit from fast and simple installation on site


Titania products have been built to be fast, easy to use, accurate, secure and above all to just work! Our software products process the configuration files of a wide range of devices (including firewalls, switches, router, workstations and servers) and produce a range of reports highlighting the vulnerabilities. Simple. 

All this helps you to offer more value and a better service to your clients. Our Pen Testing customers tell us that by freeing their time up from repetitive processes, they have been able to offer their customers a broader and more detailed assessment of their security, on time and within budget. See what they have to say:

relay security group

“Using Nipper Studio has helped us to exceed our clients’ expectations from both a technical and business perspective and enabled us to reduce the overall cost of delivering an engagement on time and within budget.”

first base technologies

Nipper Studio allows us to automate much of the review process, giving a massive time saving without compromising the quality and accuracy of our results.”

digital encode

“Nipper is a breakthrough tool in the field of network security and the reports that Nipper produces are straight forward and easy to comprehend. Nipper meets all our expectations and surpasses them!”



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