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In recent years Telecommunications has been one of the most highly targeted of industries when it comes to cyber security attacks. This is because of the vast amounts of personal, financial and contact information that telecommunications companies are trusted with. All things considered it’s not surprising that a recent UK study showed the telecommunications industry has the highest increase in spending on information security as providers try to protect themselves and their customers against attack.

Our products help telecommunications companies all over the world protect their customers and make the most out of their information security budgets. 


Find exploitable vulnerabilities before hackers do, with recommendations to help with fixes 


Use flexible, scalable tools that can be integrated with other solutions to suit any network


Get a 360° view of your networks with overviews for board level discussions and detailed reports for fixing issues

Help your budget go further, prevent costly fines & reputation damage caused by breaches 


We are helping customers in the Telecommunication sector all over the world to protect their customers and themselves.

“What a great software product, it has saved us lots of time and money.’

Telecommunications Company (anonymised)

“Nipper is a good tool for Network security Audit and with good defined reporting metrics, the tool assists to fast track compliance assessments(PCIDSS) and reduces man hours of assessments”

Alexander Anago- CEO at Numeric Technologies Limited

"The audit reporting style is professional, intuitive, and simple.  The results begin simply enough to submit to a C-level executive, yet end complexly enough to submit to an IT professional.  It is a permanent part of our auditing and security toolset."

7G Technologies- UK Information Security Consultancy


We know that you need to work with secure suppliers that you can trust and we are committed to delivering a high value service to you. To achieve this we constantly monitor our customer service through our ISO 9001 and ANAB accreditation.

We have also gained the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Accreditation on top of our own advanced cyber defenses. For more information about any of these standards, please get in touch. 



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